Brain Teaser : If you have 50/50 vision find the hidden number 35

Brain Teaser : Are you searching the internet for optical illusions that challenge your mind? Then you have reached exactly the right place.

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Because we are going to give you the evergreen optical illusion challenge in today’s blog post. Your brain will get a good workout if you try to solve this challenge.

You are going to enjoy this a lot. So let us tell you without wasting time, what kind of optical illusion you will get to see in this blog post. You can see the number 53 crowded in the optical illusion picture above.

In this crowd you will see another one, this number is 35. You will get 30 seconds to find this digit. If you find it in time then you can win this optical illusion.

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optical illusion picture

What is optical illusion

You have seen the optical illusion picture above, in which you are getting to see a large number of number 53. But it is an illusion of your eyes because in this picture there is another number hidden between the number 53 and that number is 35.

But as soon as your eyes see the number 53. The more time the eyes are taking to see the number 35. This is because one cannot suddenly recognize numbers that look alike. This type of illusion is called optical illusion.

Did you get number 35

We know that this challenge can prove difficult for many people. But there are quite a few people who would have found this number over a period of time.

If you have also found number 35, then you have many salutes from our side. If you still haven’t found issue 35, don’t worry, try reading this blog post till the end.

Because we have told you ahead. Where is the number 35 in the picture.

The number 35 is hidden here

If you want to know where the number 53 is hidden in the picture, then you have to see this optical illusion picture carefully once, after that you have to see the picture from top to bottom.

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Similarly looking at this picture you will see number 35 in number line number 3. For more such optical illusions, you can join our Telegram and WhatsApp group.

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