Brain Test Optical illusion : You have Sharp Brain, If you find number 29 in 15 Secs

Brain Test Optical illusion : Are your eyes as sharp as an eagle, if yes then today we are going to give you a new challenge, in this challenge you will be shown an optical illusion picture, and in this picture you will see a crowd of number 26 positioned.

टेलीग्राम से जुड़े

So the challenge is, you have to find the number 29 from this crowd. If you are able to find the number 29 then you will be selected as the winner of today’s optical illusion post. We are well aware that you must have solved many types of optical illusion pictures before.

But today’s optical illusion post is going to be completely different from them. Because you will get only 15 seconds to solve this optical illusion picture. If you solve the picture in this time then you will be considered as winner, else you will lose.

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The most important thing is that if you find the number 29 before 15 seconds. So you can tell this on our Telegram and WhatsApp group. Because many people like you join these two groups, and tell in how much time they have solved the optical illusion.

optical illusion picture

Before continuing this post further, let us tell you that everyday we bring new challenges related to optical illusion for you. If you enjoy solving these types of optical illusion challenges, you can visit our website in the education category.

What is optical illusion

Optical illusion is an illusion of the eyes in which a picture is shown to you. But in this picture there are many similar appearing letters. Which your eyes cannot see quickly, and till the time your eyes see that letter, the time is over.

If you want to master the optical illusion solving. So you try to solve more than 5 optical illusions daily. Which will increase your optical illusion solving power.

Did you get the number 29

We know that many people have been successful in finding the number 29, but there are some people among you who have not found the number 29 yet.

So we are providing such people with an opportunity. You can try to find the number 29 once again. If still you are unable to find number 29 then you can read this post till the end. Because we have given the answer below.

The number 29 is hidden here

If you have got the number 29, then we congratulate you. If you still can’t find the number 29, don’t worry. Because the first defeat only motivates you to win. So now we will tell you where the number 29 is hidden in the picture.

You have to look at the above optical illusion picture from top to bottom, after that you have to try to see the number 29 in line number five from above because number 29 is hidden here.

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