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UVS eCommerce Parts Store Demo

UVS together with Stag-Parkway.
Explore the features of our integrated store.

Parts Store Features

Our ecommerce system is a top quality platform loaded with amazing, exclusive features. Our partnership with Stag-Parkway brings you over 14,000 searchable parts, all automatically included with your store install!

All UVS eCommerce Stag Parkway clients also get a website package with their online store!

Over 14,000 products ready to sell
Realtime quantity and pricing updates
Add your own parts & categories easily
Fulfill orders from your shelf or Stags
Customer tracking and database
Create your own affiliate stores
Grows your indexable SEO content
Create coupons & newsletters
Fully searchable product database
Products are fully customizable

Other key features

  • Turnkey quick installation
  • Customizable and nested product categories
  • Create discounts by product, category, or for all
  • Fully searchable product database
  • Fast and simple order shipping and modules
  • Accept multiple currencies and tax rates
  • Create coupons and gift certificates
  • Newsletter and emailer options
  • And so much more!
RV Education 101 video library is also included in all UVS stores!

Integrated Parts Store Example

Below is a sample of the integrated parts store that can be included into a UVS client website. Not a website client, no problem! Visit with our stand-alone link on right to view full demo store.

This page is for demo purposes only, UVS Junction does not directly sell Stag-Parkway parts.

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There are many customization options available within the framework of the eCommerce store. As you see below, it is available to embed videos in the store itself! Interested in learning more? Watch the video below to learn more about our eCommerce store, its options, and its functions.

Sample art

Monthly Specials For February

Hydraulic Camper Jack Repair Kit
Hydraulic Camper Jack Repair Kit
$72.29  $35.54
Save: 51% off
Main Board Assembly 75A
Main Board Assembly 75A
$317.00  $46.70
Save: 85% off
Air Filters, 2/Pack
Air Filters, 2/Pack
$31.79  $27.53
Save: 13% off

Tailgate Screen Door
Tailgate Screen Door
$169.11  $126.83
Sale: $107.81
Save: 36% off
Tail Light, Surface Mount w/License Light
Tail Light, Surface Mount w/License Light
$53.02  $46.13
Save: 13% off

Super Jack, Black
Super Jack, Black
$499.00  $412.99
Save: 17% off
"The Bully", 1/pack
"The Bully", 1/pack
$465.00  $372.24
Save: 20% off
Moview LCD TV Mount, Medium Flush
Moview LCD TV Mount, Medium Flush
$47.09  $47.40
Sale: $40.29
Save: 14% off

sample art 2
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